Hate Speech

“So,” read the chair, “Article Two: ‘Protect all persons from harm in circumstances where insensitive Hate Speech is used, deliberately or otherwise, without the consent of the persons offended.’ Well now, Alexa, what’s wrong with that?”

“Yes,” another member chimed in, “surely that’s designed to protect citizens from mental and emotional damage. It’s the job of the state to provide that protection.”

“If a mind is so fragile that it needs protecting from a contradictory opinion,” Alexa objected, “then that is a mental health issue. Contradictory opinions are essential to the process of determining the truth of a matter. We can’t make any progress, scientifically or socially, unless we hear every opinion and have the chance to challenge it. That should be the foundational basis of all academic processes. What matters is that we are kind to each other when we do it.”

                                    – Alexa Smythe, Agenda Implementation Tribunal