Space Travel

Alexa’s lifelong ambition to be an astronaut was recorded in her yearly Bias Assessment Reports at the Lineal Progression Office, and it remained undampened by the sometimes depressing photo transmissions depicting daily life in the Mars and moon colonies, or by the periodic setbacks experienced by the SpaceX and IASA programs. She’d doggedly continued to believe that she was on a trajectory to one day achieve her ambition, and each year she dutifully submitted her name on the recruitment ballot, while being aware that time was working against her.

From a young age, therefore, as she observed people and tried to understand them, she was inclined to see them as astronauts, each alone in their own capsule, looking out at the earth through a spaceship’s porthole, as if they were seeing it through VR goggles. They watched the green, blue, and white sphere of the Earth turning slowly, silently towards night, seeing it move through shades of grey and purple to a black deeper than the void, studded with the diamond-white clusters of electrified cities viewed from a height of three hundred miles.

                                    – Agenda 2060: The Future as It Happens