The Great Reset

What was needed was a big bang solution, they said—and that solution was to CANCEL ALL DEBTS. They’re calling it the Overthrow. Capitalism doesn’t work, so it’s time to overthrow it. In reality, it’s just an old-fashioned Jubilee, straight out of the Bible.

For most people, this is an easy sell: just wipe out all debts and start again, redistributing trillions of dollars in the process. And if millions of investors, pensioners, retirement funds, banks, and creditors lose their savings in the process, hey, it’s a small price to pay. Stocks and shares and private businesses of all sizes may be wiped out, but a new and more equitable system will take its place, with a universal basic income for all. Everyone will finally be equal. Now, what could be more popular than that?

This is what Agenda 2060 means when it states, “End poverty in all its forms by controlling income distribution, limiting private asset accumulation, and ensuring equality of safety, security, and well-being for all, regardless of work input or ability.”

But there will never be a day when everyone is equal—not as long as we remain human. There will be no universal basic income for the elite who are creating this system, nor for the super-rich who are their sponsors. Wealth will continue to reward cronyism, self-interest, corruption, and barefaced theft with the same ingenuity it has displayed for millennia. If the worldwide pandemic of the 2020s taught us anything, it is that big business runs the world. Governments and bureaucracy are but its servants. And the poor proletariat, the victims of this great fraud, believing themselves to be unshackled at last from the fear of poverty and failure, will find themselves trapped in dependency, a vast underclass of serfs. What will the government do then to keep the lid on them?

                                                – Donald Melville Smythe, Economist