Praise for Agenda 2060

“A laser-focused, irresistible lampoon of woke culture… Like all first- rate satire, this book lets most of its subjects’ own real-world excesses do the heavy lifting. Fabler’s scorn is exquisitely controlled, and a great many of his jokes land. All but the most hyper censorious readers who spend far too much time online will find the results hilarious.”  – KIRKUS Reviews

“Loved it! This book cancels cancel culture … While the book deconstructs the divisive issues of today with incisive humor, it also provides a penetrating view of where we may be heading. This is biting satire, but not as dark as Orwell’s 1984, or Vonnegut’s Player Piano, suggesting instead that people are not nearly as far apart in what they want for the world as they imagine.” – Gregg Sapp, Reedsy Discovery

“Tinges of sly-smile humor are woven into a detailed story of science, Artificial Intelligence, human nature and technological know-how – leading readers to wonder what life really could be like in the years ahead.” – IndieReader – Winner 2022 IndieReader Discovery Award for Popular Fiction

“One must admire the exciting breadth of the author’s imagination as he creates a world set tens of years in the future. Readers with a knack for scientific stories that are somewhat philosophical will enjoy this book. The editing is exceptional.” – OnlineBookClub

“This sharply written satire of a future in which “cancel culture” rules might not change minds but offers some real laughs.” – BookLife Reviews

Agenda 2060 is an engaging, disturbing, and darkly humorous satirical novel that looks at the future of global society … Balanced on the edge of terrifying truth and utter harm is the beauty of the book’s satire. The major underpinnings of the book rest on pure logic and reasoning. The goals of Agenda 2060 are inarguable, but human nature, and the tendency of society to have a cabal of super rich individuals and corporations immune to ideological shifts, makes achieving them a near impossibility.” – Foreword Clarion Review

“In all my years of interviewing authors, I have never taken this many notes. This book isn’t long, but it’s dense in the best possible way. The ideas per page ratio is off the charts – Rodger Nichols, Cover-to-Cover Book Beat

“This high class political and cultural satire is seriously witty with a mix of interesting narratives, storyline surprises, engaging character interactions, and relationship developments.” – David Henja, author of Utopia Café

“Astonishing grasp of the craziness in which the world is now gripped. Artie weaves those threads and an adept understanding of technology, mathematics and human nature into a fascinating story which those who are alarmed at current world trends could easily see come to fruition.”   – John Collings, Amazon Reviews

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