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“Agenda 2060 is an engaging, disturbing, and darkly humorous satirical novel that looks at the future of global society.” – Foreword Clarion Review

A debut SF satire targets runaway political correctness...

Fabler’s novel opens in 2056 in a world where the fad of social media “woke” posturing and censorship has metamorphosed into a strict political order. Jordan McPhee, “once a mathematics professor, father, and sometime lover of women, apolitical and ambitious only for a life of modern academic achievement,” has been “deplatformed” by the cancel-culture mob that objected to his profession. This has cost him almost everything in this post-Overthrow world where Social Equity Regulations govern all. When he attends the Lineal Progression, formerly known as a christening, of his daughter Lexie’s child, he’s afraid even to hug her (“Accusation was guilt; every middle-aged white male knew that,” he thinks. “Comforting a child—even a grown-up one—was an exclusively female privilege, and the wisdom of that stricture was no longer questioned”). At the ceremony, he meets Alexa Smythe, formerly a brilliant master’s degree student in his department. Later, the public inciter Artie Sharp helps to create a viral video that instantly makes Alexa an unwilling emblem of resistance to the Social Justice agenda of the World Government. The author wades into all of this with gusto and a good deal of sharp-tongued eloquence. When Alexa tells a pal that all she was trying to do was get people to be kind to one another, the friend responds: “Good luck with that one. You know what Nietzsche says about kindness, and Foucault has completely deconstructed it.” Like all first-rate satire, this book lets most of its subjects’ own real-world excesses do the heavy lifting. Fabler’s scorn is exquisitely controlled, and a great many of his jokes land. All but the most hypercensorious readers who spend far too much time online will find the results hilarious.

A laser-focused, irresistible lampoon of woke culture.– KIRKUS Reviews

“This book cancels cancel culture – Reedsy Discovery

“It has been a true pleasure to work with such a talented writer who is boldly and skillfully tackling so many of the critical issues facing the world today, and I very much appreciate the opportunity. This imaginative story is a real eye-opener on so many diverse levels and topics, giving me a chance to step back and take a hard look at some of my own biases and beliefs (and learn a thing or two in the process). I’m excited to see that you have a sequel planned!” Robin Fuller, Editor, Reedsy, June 2021

“Biting political satire that makes us laugh, get angry, and even cry.” Amazon Review, September 21, 2021

“Wow! Agenda 2060 does just what I want and need from fiction, it adjusts perceptions that make conversation possible again.” Amazon Review, September 14, 2021

This sharply written satire of a future in which “cancel culture” rules might not change minds but offers some real laughs.” – BookLife Reviews

“Readers with a knack for scientific stories that are somewhat philosophical will enjoy this book. The editing is exceptional” – OnlineBookClub