World Government

 “Agenda 2060 is a manifesto for a new world order,” the Overthrow Tribunal said.

“There is no historical context appropriate for your postulations. Money supply is not a consideration, for money is no longer fungible. Unemployment is now a solecism and has no meaning. Debt has been demolished. The wealth of the nation is no longer dependent on gross domestic product, but rather on citizen well-being. People are not dependent on the state; the people are the state. Under this new set of paradigms, you must accept that there is no longer a place for economists in our society. We therefore refer you to Article Twelve, which asks us all to ‘Commit to embracing One World, One People, and One Government as the pathway to peace, harmony, and a sustainable future for all, working tirelessly for the full implementation of this agenda by 2060.’ ”

                        – The Overthrow Tribunal

“Peddling influence for gain predates the Sermon on the Mount. If you ask me, there’s always been a hankering for centralizing power in as few hands as possible. Career bureaucrats, unelected lawmakers, political functionaries, and academics and media types who see themselves as the intellectual elite would love to be part of an overarching supranational government that is not democratically accountable to anybody but themselves. You’re not telling us anything new. But it isn’t bureaucrats that run the state; it’s business.”

                                    – Bill Jones Jnr., ParkFed Meat